• Effective fundraising vehicle that delivers continual revenues
  • Privately-branded virtual Mega-Mall with over 1000 top national retailers
  • Simple to implement, easy to use
  • No cost to you or your supporters – they shop and save, you earn
  • Completely secure and transparent system makes transactions simple and safe

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The Michigan PTSA knows that many schools struggle to raise the funds necessary to support special programs and improvements that benefit children in their communities. And even though many parents and other supporters may contribute generously, many important programs never get off the ground; improvements are put on hold; and valuable learning and enrichment programs are cut due to lack of financial resources.

But what if there was a simple way to increase funding for these programs? And what if it was possible to actually benefit your supporters as they support you?

The Michigan PTSA is proud to offer our member schools the opportunity to do just that, with the program. will not only increase funding for your school, it will be a great benefit to your supporters at the very same time.




How Does Work? is a virtual, Internet shopping mall where your supporters can shop for just about anything they might desire in one convenient and secure online site. gives your supporters access to exclusive offers and discounts at over 1000 of the top online merchants. When your supporters shop through they not only save money on the products and services they regularly purchase, their purchases generate cash back contributions for your school or organization at absolutely no cost to you or your supporters. It’s that simple – they shop and save while you earn.

Experience the benefits of yourself by enrolling your school today. Your supporters will appreciate the everyday savings you can offer them as well as the good feeling they’ll have knowing that every purchase benefits your school.


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Featured Stores